In 1892 Pedro and Giacomina Fagliano started working in the workshop of Tambo Nuevo Street and gradually they created their reputation as artisans, which spread throughout the country and the world.

Their sons Antonio, Santiago and José continued their work. In 1924, Eduardo Alighieri arrived from Sicilia and became part of the company, contributing with his knowledge and experience. In 1929, Pedro’s son, Rodolfo, was born, who is presently running the business together with his own sons Eduardo and Héctor. Casa Fagliano specializes in the manufacturing of footwear observing European traditions, with a production which is fully handmade and which puts special care into quality and detail. In its beginnings, Casa Fagliano worked for modest customers and rural people; and over the years, it has added polo players, famous actors, noblemen and kings to its client list. Nowadays, the fourth and fifth generations of the Fagliano family still use the same tools and methods that their ancestors used.

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At Casa Fagliano we specialize in the making of footwear specifically designed for polo practice and rural work. Located in Hurlingham, our workshop contains not only history but also the tools and some machines that have been used for over a century.

We use materials of the finest quality, and we follow a rigorous method of traditional handcrafted elaboration, in order to ensure that every pair of shoes offers style, safety and comfort that will last for many years.

We seek customer satisfaction above all, and that is the reason why we deal with each customer personally, allowing them to choose all the details concerning the shoes according to their own taste and needs.